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About Us

Established in 2004, Carob & Co has been producing unique, fine bespoke jewellery in the UK since its inception. In addition to hand-crafted items of jewellery, we offer a curated collection of distinctive and effortlessly chic ready to wear pieces. We are primarily based at the London Diamond Bourse and service the London and Kent area strictly by appointment only.

We recognise that clients have varying budgets and, as a consequence, many of the items featured are available in a range of diamond qualities, gemstone sizes, and options of precious metals (white, yellow or rose gold, or platinum). Most items are made to order, so a considerable degree of customisation is possible prior to manufacture.

Our founder, Jacqui Larsson, is an award winning gemmologist and diamond grader with a life long passion for jewellery. Formally trained at the Gemmological Association of Great Britain and a member of the London Diamond Bourse, she also spent six months on a diamond training programme at the Diamond Trading Company (the sales and marketing arm of De Beers) which provided invaluable insight to the diamond industry.

Jacqui has cultivated an exceptional network of niche specialists over a period of years which allows us to meet the most discerning and unusual of client’s needs. We distinguish ourselves with our personal service, attention to detail and outstanding level of expertise and experience.

What is the significance of the business name?

Gemstones are sold according to weight, and prior to the advent of modern scales, gemstone traders used the dried seeds from the Mediterranean carob tree as a counter measure when weighing precious stones, as they consistently and reliably weighed 0.2g.

The term “carat”, which is the unit of measurement to represent the weight of a stone, is derived from the word carob. Consequently, a one carat stone weighs 0.2g. It is a common misconception that the term carat denotes the size of a stone when it fact it measures weight.

The humble carob seeds are therefore inextricably linked to gemstones, and a part of the heritage of gemstone trading.